General terms and conditions

1.    Preamble

(1)    Zell am See - Kaprun Tourismus GmbH (hereinafter referred to as ZSK) sells tickets for its own events via this booking platform. These terms and conditions apply exclusively to ZSK's own events.

(2)    By purchasing a ticket, the customer must also observe any applicable house rules.  

(3)    A customer is not only the individual purchaser, but all persons for whom tickets are purchased, who thus make use of services from the ticket.

(4)    It is pointed out to the customer that many events take place outdoors, and that he/she must therefore ensure appropriate clothing and footwear.

(5)    The use of personal data in accordance with the Austrian Data Protection Act is governed by the Privacy Policy (Link zur Datenschutzerklärung), which is an integral and binding part of these General Terms and Conditions.

2.    Ticket purchase

(1)    The contract with the ZSK for its own events is only concluded when the customer places an order and makes full (proper) payment.  

(2)    After conclusion of the contract (order and full payment), the customer receives his/her ticket as an electronic ticket.

The electronic ticket can be downloaded and printed, or can be displayed and shown on a mobile device. 

Each ticket is provided with a unique and identifiable code. Only a ticket with the corresponding code entitles the holder to admission to the event, or to the use of the service. 

The customer is advised that special care must be taken when handling mobile tickets in order to avoid loss of data.

(3)    The purchase is invalid and the ticket cannot be used if tickets are purchased through improper transactions, e.g., with stolen or manipulated credit cards. The ticket will be automatically cancelled. The customer is liable for all damages caused by fraudulent transactions.

(4)    The customer is not permitted to duplicate the ticket or pass on the duplicated tickets to third parties, and is liable for any damage caused by such actions. Likewise, tickets must not be altered or used improperly.

(5)    The principle of first admission applies, i.e., the first ticket accepted with the unique identification code is the valid one. Subsequent tickets with the same identification code are therefore automatically invalid.

3.    Liability and services provided by ZSK

(1)    ZSK is the organiser of its own events, and is liable as the organiser to the customer, whereby liability for damage to property is excluded in the case of slight negligence. Except in the case of intent, ZSK shall not be liable in particular for items that are not usually taken to such events. 

The customer is advised not to bring any items of value to events, and to store the items taken along properly.

(2)    In cases where ZSK is liable, compensation for damages shall be limited to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract.

4.    Cancellation of the purchase/ticket

(1)    ZSK and the organiser/service provider are entitled to cancel a customer's order even after the ticket has been sent (unilateral right of cancellation) if the customer violates specific conditions (e.g., violation of the ban on duplication, any ban on transfer or resale, any restrictions on the number of tickets per customer, failure to pay in full for the tickets purchased, purchase with manipulated or stolen means of payment, etc.). Any amounts paid shall be refunded to the customer by crediting the credit card used for payment after deduction of the damage caused by the customer.

(2)    Cancellation is carried out automatically by cancelling the ticket(s).

Furthermore, ZSK may exclude a customer from the event because he/she behaves in a grossly improper or even endangering manner, or engages in conduct that is relevant under criminal law, or even engages in criminal conduct. Endangering behaviour is any behaviour which at least endangers the event itself, or the safety or integrity of other guests or employees of the event, or third-party property (i.e., property not belonging to the customer).

(3)    It is expressly stated that the customer has no right of withdrawal pursuant to Section 18 (1) (10) Austrian Act on Online and Distance Selling (FAGG).

(4)    The customer is also not entitled to cancel the ticket purchase because he/she does not start the journey or does not arrive at the venue for whatever reason. 

5.    Prices and payment modalities

(1)    The total price of the order, including all fees, is due for payment immediately upon conclusion of the contract, using most common online payment methods (such as credit card, instant bank transfer and similar). Each ticket becomes valid only upon payment in full.

6.    Changes to events

(1)    In the case of a cancellation, postponement or other changes to one of ZSK's own events, ZSK is obliged to inform those customers, who have purchased a ticket for the event, of the change. ZSK is entitled to inform the customer via the email address provided, or by means of an electronic message to the mobile phone number provided.

(2)    Reasonable, minor and objectively justified changes to a service offered, as well as minor postponements (same-day postponements by a small amount of time) are permitted. Especially announcements about a line-up or changes to or omission of side events (i.e., side events related to a main event) do not constitute a basis for the purchase of tickets. Such changes or alterations to the programme and schedule shall in no way entitle the customer to a cancellation or reduction of the price. It is the customer's responsibility to inform himself/herself about any changes.

(3)    In the event of cancellation, postponement or similar changes, ZSK is entitled to automatically cancel the ticket purchased for this purpose, and must refund the ticket price to the customer within 7 days by crediting the credit card used for the purchase. The customer has no right to reimbursement of expenses (e.g., for travel, hotel or similar). In this case, ZSK shall only be liable for the refund of the ticket price paid.  

(4)    If the event is stopped, the ticket price will be refunded unless at least half of the event has taken place. 

7.    Image and sound recordings

(1)    Image and sound recordings of the event are not permitted.

(2)    In the case of image and sound recordings by ZSK or by authorised third parties, the customer acknowledges that the recordings made by him or her may be used without remuneration, and without time, geographical or other restrictions on or in any known medium (print, web, app, homepage, social media, etc.) within the scope of normal exploitation. 

8.    Final provisions

(1)    Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be legally ineffective, invalid and/or void, or become so in the course of time, this shall not affect the legal effectiveness and validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the legally ineffective, invalid and/or void provision shall be replaced by a provision that is - as far as possible and legally permissible - legally effective and corresponds in respect to its economic effects to the replaced provision.

(2)    The customer is not entitled to offsetting unless his/her counterclaims have been legally established by a court of law or expressly recognised by ZSK.

(3)    For disputes in connection with or arising from this contract or a ticket purchase, it is agreed that the exclusive local jurisdiction of the court with subject-matter jurisdiction at the registered office of ZSK shall be the competent court, unless this is in conflict with the mandatory provisions of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act.

Effective: 04.04.2023

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